Festival 2022 collection

Festival 2022 collection

Relive Festival 2022, plus get exclusive insights and introductions to each opera with our 'explore with Alexandra' videos featuring our Opera Specialist and special guests.

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Festival 2022 collection
  • La bohème - full opera

    Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

    When seamstress Mimì meets the struggling writer Rodolfo they are instantly drawn together. But while Paris is a magical city of love, it’s also a very real place of hardship as the two young Bohemians and their friends soon discover, when not just jealousy but ...

  • The Wreckers - full opera

    Would you die for what you believe?

    In a remote corner of Cornwall, a God-fearing community lives a desperate, precarious existence. Their only hope is the ships that are wrecked on their rocks. But when they start to cause those shipwrecks deliberately, murdering the crew for profit, it tears t...

  • La Voix humaine - full opera

    La Voix humaine is opera distilled down to its essence: a musical monologue of searing intensity. Alone in her apartment, a woman talks to her former lover on the telephone. She teases, flirts, promises, lies and pleads. Finally, telling him again and again that she loves him, she drops the recei...

  • Les Mamelles de Tirésias - full opera

    Les Mamelles de Tirésias is a giddy romp of an opera that throws questions of politics, gender and society up into the air and watches them shatter into hundreds of glittering pieces. Frustrated with her life as a housewife, Thérèse transforms herself into a man and heads out into the world, leav...

  • Alcina - full opera

    Seductive enchantress Alcina can conjure anything she wants – anything, except love.

    Alcina rules over an enchanted island, its trees, rocks and animals all the bewitched forms of her discarded lovers. But Ruggiero is different. Alcina has fallen in love with the handsome knight. Can love perfor...

  • La bohème: explore with Alexandra

    Opera specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to director Floris Visser who tells us how he drew inspiration from photography, cinema and mythology for his new production of Puccini's La bohème.

  • The Wreckers: explore with Alexandra

    Directed by Melly Still, this new production is the first major, professional staging of our lifetime, and the first opportunity to hear the opera as Smyth intended, with its original French libretto.

    Opera specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to director Melly Still and mezzo-soprano Karis Tucker...

  • La Voix humaine: explore with Alexandra

    Opera Specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to Director Laurent Pelly and mezzo-soprano Stéphanie d’Oustrac who plays Elle to explore Poulenc's La Voix humaine.

  • Les Mamelles de Tirésias: explore with Alexandra

    Opera Specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to chorus director Aidan Oliver and set designer Caroline Ginet to explore Poulenc's Les Mamelles de Tirésias.

  • Alcina: explore with Alexandra

    Opera specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to Director Francesco Micheli, Costume Designer Alessio Rosati and Costume Supervisor Diane Williams to explore our production of Handel's Alcina.