Rent the Handel collection

Rent the Handel collection

Enjoy our much-loved Handel productions with our bundle including Giulio Cesare (2005), Saul (2015), Alcina (2022) and Rinaldo (2011).

Also, get exclusive insights and introductions to Saul and Alcina with our 'explore with Alexandra' videos featuring our Opera Specialist and special guests.

Rent the Handel collection for just £29.99 for 30 days. The rental period begins when you start watching any video in the rental collection.

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Rent the Handel collection
  • Giulio Cesare - full opera

    Bollywood meets baroque in David McVicar’s legendary staging.

    When Egypt’s seductive queen meets Rome’s powerful ruler, the stakes are high, both for politics and passion. Horrified by the brutal murder of his rival by Cleopatra’s brother Tolomeo, Cesare joins forces with Cleopatra to depose her...

  • Saul - full opera

    David has vanquished the giant Goliath, but not everyone rejoices in his victory. Jealous of the young warrior, King Saul turns against him, descending into violent, destructive madness that forces his children to choose between loyalty and love, tearing both a family and a nation apart.


  • Alcina - full opera

    Seductive enchantress Alcina can conjure anything she wants – anything, except love.

    Alcina rules over an enchanted island, its trees, rocks and animals all the bewitched forms of her discarded lovers. But Ruggiero is different. Alcina has fallen in love with the handsome knight. Can love perfor...

  • Rinaldo - full opera

    This riotous Rinaldo trades battleground for playground.

    Christian knight Rinaldo loves Almirena, but she has been kidnapped by the scheming sorceress Armida. A magical battle of wits and wills ensues between Rinaldo’s Crusaders and the Saracen army, as the fate not just of two lovers but two na...

  • Saul: explore with Alexandra

    Combining the expressive arias of Handel’s operas – each a window into the human soul, or lack thereof – and the dynamic chorus writing of his church music, Saul is the original 18th-century blockbuster.

    Alexandra Coghlan talks to Handel biographer Jonathan Keates and novelist Donna Leon to expl...

  • Alcina: explore with Alexandra

    Opera specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to Director Francesco Micheli, Costume Designer Alessio Rosati and Costume Supervisor Diane Williams to explore our production of Handel's Alcina.