The Wreckers (Ethel Smyth), 2022

The Wreckers (Ethel Smyth), 2022

Melly Still’s brand new production of Ethel Smyth’s powerful, psychological drama.

Extra content - The Wreckers: explore with Alexandra
Opera specialist Alexandra Coghlan talks to director Melly Still and mezzo-soprano Karis Tucker (Thurza) to explore the opera.

Get a feel for the music by watching the Organ Room Sessions below where Karis Tucker (Thurza) performs arias from The Wreckers.

The Wreckers was the Opera of the Month for August 2022.

Photo: Richard Hubert Smith

The Wreckers (Ethel Smyth), 2022
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    Would you die for what you believe?

    In a remote corner of Cornwall, a God-fearing community lives a desperate, precarious existence. Their only hope is the ships that are wrecked on their rocks. But when they start to cause those shipwrecks deliberately, murdering the crew for profit, it tears t...